Coal To Liquid Facility Moves Forward

Washington D-C – A proposed coal-to-liquids facility near Hanna has entered into a long-term contract to sell all of its low-sulfur
diesel fuel to Sinclair Oil Corporation.
Sinclair would then market the fuel in the Rocky Mountain region.
That announcement comes today (Friday) from Medicine Bow Fuel
and Power, which is a subsidiary of D-K-R-W Advanced Fuels.
The company is planning to build a one-point-three (B)
billion-dollar coal-to-liquids plant at an Arch Coal mine near
Hanna. The plant would produce about eleven-thousand barrels a day
of liquid hydrocarbons, mostly low-sulfur diesel.
The plant would convert coal into a gas which could then be
either used directly or converted into materials like diesel fuel.
The process is touted as a cleaner alternative to coal-fired power