Coal to liquids plant delayed

Rawlins, Wy – The state Industrial Siting Council has been informed that construction on a proposed coal-to-liquids plant near Medicine Bow will be delayed for nearly a year until 2010.
Tom Schroeder of the ISC told the Carbon County Commission that
DKRW officials informed him that the plant is likely to break
ground in January 2010 instead of April 2009 as planned.
Plans for the $2 billion plant have not been canceled, he said.
The proposed plant would use clean-coal technology to convert
coal from the new Arch mine into up to 20,000 barrels of regular
gasoline per day, sulfur, mercury, carbon dioxide and other
products. About 2,300 people would be needed to build the plant and
it would employ up to 450 people when it begins operating.