College finals rodeo returns to Casper

Casper, WY – Casper will continue to be the home of the College National Finals Rodeo under an agreement finalized Wednesday. The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association has signed a 10-year extension, keeping the event in Casper until 2022. Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Renee Penton-Jones says the rodeo is a great benefit to local businesses - and it also introduces the athletes and their families to a part of the state they might otherwise not visit.
"They discover Wyoming. A lot of people that come with the rodeo over the years we've noticed that they fall in love with Casper Mountain for example. And they just can't believe that the deer walk up to their cars. They think that the lakes are absolutely spectacular, and they love the river."
Penton-Jones says the rodeo generates a million dollars in sales tax revenue alone, as more than 400 athletes and their families come to town for the event.