Committee Supports Child Care Bill

Cheyenne, Wy – A legislative committee says Wyoming
should put up more than 12 (M) million dollars to improve the
quality of child care in the state and increase child care
The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Interim Committee
today (Tuesday) voted 9-2 in favor of a sweeping child care bill.
The Legislature will consider it in the legislative session that
begins next month.
Supporters say that improving child care is necessary for the
state's continued economic development. Some opponents question
whether the state should be involved.
The bill includes six (M) million dollars for a program that
would reimburse child care centers for the cost of getting training
for their staff and other costs. It would tie state support to the
level of staff training.
Another portion of the legislation would put up three (M)
million dollars to help communities build child care centers and
related facilities and another three (M) million to subsidize day
care for low-income parents.