Committee Takes Testimony, But No Vote on Medicaid Expansion

Feb 19, 2014

A number of speakers asked the Legislature's Joint Labor and Health Committee to pass a bill that would expand Medicaid services in the state. However the committee adjourned and did not return to vote on the bill. 

The measure would use federal money to provide insurance well over 17-thousand uninsured people in Wyoming. Supporters ranged from Laramie County who's concerned about raising taxes to make up for 12 million dollars in uncompensated care to those who can't afford health insurance. 

Jane Fonfara gets basic health needs met at the Laramie Downtown Clinic, but she is worried about something serious.

"If I break a leg the downtown clinic is not gonna help.  Going to the emergency room is a very serious consideration when you are making below the poverty level you don't have that 5-thousand dollars to go to the emergency room to get your bone fixed."

While the committee did not vote on the issue, the Wyoming House of Representatives defeated an amendment that would have added the bill to the state budget.  A similar amendment will be tried in the Senate on Friday.