Community College Instructors Could Earn Less than Grade School Teachers

Cheyenne, WY – Officials say recent pay raises for
teachers in grades K-through-twelve in Wyoming are making it tough for the state's community colleges to attract new faculty.
Meanwhile, a legislative committee has agreed to look into the issue of college funding.
Jim Rose, executive director of the Wyoming Community College Commission, addressed the Legislature's Joint Education Interim Committee Friday.
Rose said he wasn't disparaging recent pay raises for school teachers. However, he said the raises mean that Wyoming's community colleges have lost ground in their ability to hire faculty.
Rose said the salary for a beginning teacher with a bachelor's degree in Campbell County School District 1 is now 9-thousand dollars higher than that paid to a faculty member with a master's degree at Sheridan College.
The Joint Education Interim Committee decided Friday to look at the structure of community college funding to determine whether changes are needed.