Community donations fund Laramie Mural Project

Jul 24, 2013

The Laramie Mural Project has met its fund raising goal for the next year using the popular online crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter.

In past years, grants from the Wyoming Art Museum and the Laramie Main Street Alliance funded the project. This year, they turned to residents and fans of the larger-than-life art works. They met their $15,000 goal in only three weeks.

Jeff Hubbell is an artist with the project. He is currently working on a prairie dog mural with artist Lindsey Olsen that will stretch across three downtown buildings.

“One of the things that’s really happened this year, now that some of the murals have been up—some have been up for three years—more and more business owners are saying I’d love to have a mural on my wall. At first it was a tougher sell, and now we’re being approached by business owners,” said Hubbell.

The money raised this month will fund several new murals by six different Laramie artists. More information on the proposed designs, including profiles of the artists, can be found at the project's website: