Company finds innovative use for beetle-killed trees

Laramie, WY – A Buffalo, Wyoming company has found a new use for bark beetle-killed trees. L-B-I Renewable is using wood from those trees to help clean up oil spills on water and on land, and to remove oil collected at drilling sites. They process the wood so it can soak up the oil. Company representative Dennis Quenneville says the small wood chips also mitigate harmful effects of the oil. Quenneville says the bark beetles are integral in making this product work.
"The properties of the beetle killed lodgepole pine are what make this produce unique. Any other tree will not do the same thing."
The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has reviewed the product and says that it performs as advertised. Quenneville says they have patents pending on the technology used to process the wood. The company employs 14 people in Buffalo, and plans to expand.