Company Holds Cheyenne Job Fair

Cheyenne, WY – A company that is considering Cheyenne for a 400-employee call center is holding a job fair Tuesday through Thursday. North Carolina-based Help Desk NOW has been running newspaper ads, trying to develop a database of possible Cheyenne employees. Tim Thorsen, Vice President of the economic development group Cheyenne LEADS, says the company will make its decision on Cheyenne based on the job fair. Thorsen says Help Desk NOW was hoping their ads would generate several hundred resumes and applications, but the company has only received about 150. Thorsen says all of the information available to LEADS shows there are enough workers for Help Desk NOW. He thinks maybe some people are waiting to see if the company decides to come before they apply. But Thorsen says if too many interested people wait and see, there's a good chance the company will not come.