Complaint prompts special ed changes in Cheyenne

Cheyenne, WY – The state Department of Education has told school officials in Cheyenne to change their special education procedures.

That's after the parents of a sixth-grader complained that their son was held face-down for 20 minutes.

Kim and Clarence Styvar filed a complaint in May, alleging abuse by staff at the district's Therapeutic Learning Center at Pioneer Park Elementary School.

The Styvars say their son has emotional and behavioral disabilities. They say that staff at the center didn't follow procedures when the boy was taken aside after refusing to run during physical education.

Center staff say the youngster began scratching his neck and arm and hitting his head on the floor, and they restrained him to keep him from hurting himself more.

A Department of Education report said center staff held the boy-face down for at least 20 minutes while waiting for the boy's mother to arrive.