Conservation easement for Pronghorn

Laramie, Wy – A conservation easement on a ranch in Sublette County should help ensure that pronghorn antelope can keep traveling an ancient migration route. Each fall and spring, pronghorn migrate about a hundred miles from the Red Desert into Grand Teton National Park. Three spots along the path are known as "bottlenecks" - where the pronghorn have to travel through areas narrowed either by development or by natural barriers. The Conservation Fund has signed an easement to prevent development in what's known as the "funnel bottleneck." Luke Lynch with the Conservation Fund says that's the only bottleneck on private land, so the easement is an important piece to ensuring the migration can continue.
"It's an important piece but it's not the only piece. There's more to be done right at the funnel bottleneck on other lands that are very close to it, and there is more to be done along the whole path of the pronghorn to make sure that the migration keeps going."
The easement is on 24-hundred acres of the Carney Ranch.