Conservation Groups Appeal Winter Drilling Permit

Laramie, Wy – Several conservation groups are trying to convince the Bureau of Land Management to deny a permit for a company to drill during the winter on crucial winter habitat for deer near Pinedale. Marisa Martin of the Wyoming Outdoor Council represented the groups at a presentation before the state B-L-M office. She says the B-L-M does not have the authority to allow the drilling in this area. Martin adds that for years the agency ensured wildlife was protected but lately has granted more exceptions to their prohibition on drilling during the winter.
The B-L-M allows some companies a little extra time at the beginning and end of the winter to have a presence in the habitat, but Martin says she is mostly worried about the policy of allowing the company Questar to operate a drill pad all winter long.
The state B-L-M may make a ruling about Questar by February fifth.