Conservation groups use videos to encourage improving water quality

Aug 14, 2013

Three conservation organizations have released a series of web videos, encouraging Wyomingites to improve water quality.

The videos highlight best management practices some landowners are using to handle E. coli, selenium and sediment, among other issues.

Kathy Rosenthal is the watershed coordinator for the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts, one of the partner groups producing the videos. Rosenthal acknowledged a lack of awareness as one of the major obstacles for Wyoming’s water quality going forward.

“I think recognition is very key. There are a lot of situations that are detrimental to the water quality that people just don’t even recognize,” says Rosenthal.

Rosenthal says that the overall water quality in Wyoming is in very good shape compared to the rest of the nation.

The informational videos are hosted on the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts’ YouTube channel, called Conserve WY.