Contract negotiations underway for Safeway workers

Laramie, WY – Workers at some of Wyoming's Safeway grocery stores are in contract negotiations right now. They are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local Number Seven. Union spokesman, Dave Minshall (min shaul) says one goal for the new contract is a raise - so workers at Wyoming Safeways make as much as those who work in Colorado
"Workers' committees who represent all the stores that are in the negotiations have decided their priorities are closing the gaps between what folks in Wyoming get and what folks in Colorado get. There's been a gap for quite a while and the workers say we want to close that gap."
Safeway spokeswoman, Kris Staaf, says the wage differential has existed for decades.
"It's really a product of previous negotiations that was ratified by affected employees. Now the differences have narrowed over the years but it is not specific to Wyoming; grocers have various rates for the same job throughout various markets."
Staaf (staff) says cost of living adjustments can be part of the give and take of contract discussions.