Cops Wrap Up One of WY's Largest Undercover Meth Busts

Cheyenne, WY – Authorities say they seized 16 pounds of
methamphetamine and arrested five people in one of Wyoming's largest undercover meth busts.
The U-S attorney's office for Wyoming says undercover local, state and federal officers seized eight pounds of meth after meeting with two drug dealers in Riverton. The other eight pounds of meth turned up in a related traffic stop near Wheatland several hours later.
Police in Wyoming seize large amounts of meth fairly often during highway stops. But Tony Young, the U-S attorney's law enforcement coordinator for Wyoming, says such large amounts of
meth are rarely seized by undercover officers in the state.
He says if it wasn't one of the largest undercover meth busts in Wyoming, it was certainly close to it.
Two Riverton residents and three people from Denver have been arrested. All five face charges of possession of meth with intent to distribute, distribution of meth and conspiracy to distribute meth. If convicted, each of them faces anywhere from ten years to
life in prison.