Couple Make Big Donation to Small School

Laramie, Wy – Some unexpected good news in the eastern
Campbell County community of Rozet.
A local couple who've seen three generations of their progeny attend Rozet Elementary School say they'll give 200-thousand-dollars to create a scholarship and fill other school needs.
Claude and Mildred Kissack bought a ranch north of Rozet in the 1960s and started Kissack Water and Oil Service, a business serving local oil drillers.
In the years since then, they've seen four of their children and more than a dozen grandchildren go through Rozet Elementary. About half-a-dozen great-grandchildren are in school there now.
Mildred Kissack says they've wondered for some time how they could give back to the community. So they decided to set up a scholarship for Rozet Elementary alumni.
A part of the gift also will be used to buy computers and upgrade security at the school.
Claude and Mildred Kissack will be joined by several family members when they formally present the gift on Thursday.