Court blocks grazing rule change

Laramie, WY – Several proposed changes to grazing rules on public lands won't go into effect after federal judges blocked the rules. The judges, agreeing with conservation groups, said the B-L-M had failed to take a hard look at possible environmental problems caused by the new rules. The regulations were proposed by the Bureau of Land Management during the Bush administration.
Rod Walston is the attorney for the Public Lands Council, which advocates on behalf of ranchers. Walston says he is disappointed with the decision and feels the judges did not have the authority to review the case in the way it did.
"To the extent that the court seemed to cross the boundary between the judicial function and the legislative function we think the court went too far, actually under the constitution itself."
Walston says the court looked at the grazing rules on their merits rather than at the harm they could cause. He says they are going to appeal the decision and they could take the case to the Supreme Court.