Cowboys will try to return to normal

Laramie, Wy – A day after a car crash killed a University of Wyoming football player and injured three other players, Cowboys' Coach Dave Christensen says his team will try to move forward the best it can. Grief counselors spoke with the team on Monday and suggested to Christensen that they return to their normal routine.
"We're going to stay as close to normalcy as we can, throughout this week in our preparation. We think it will help the kids get their mind on something different at different points in time throughout the day. We'll take it one day at a time."
Christensen said that they will honor linebacker Ruben Narcisse who was killed in the crash throughout the season. The team will start by wearing helmet decals. Christensen added that C-J Morgan who was seriously hurt in the crash had successful elbow surgery Tuesday morning and was expected to be released from the hospital soon.