Crank Awaits Chance To Do Battle On Snowmobiles

Cheyenne, Wy –
While a federal judge has decided against filing contempt charges on the snowmobile issue, Wyoming's attorney general is anxious to take on the issue of banning snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Judge Emmet Sullivan backed away from filing contempt charges against the Park Service as he awaits a tenth circuit court ruling on fellow Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer's ruling that allowed more snowmobiles in the Parks. Sullivan had allowed a lesser number. While all this is interesting, Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank admits he is excited about battling the 2001 snowmobile ban in court. That way he can see "what is and what is not in the record that may support the snowmobile ban, or shows that the proceedings leading up to snowmobile ban was defective. And we will finally recieve a ruling from Judge Brimmer about whether that snowmobile ban will have any continued vitality into the future".