Crook County gets much needed health care grant.

Sundance, Wy – A Crook County health care provider says that an 80-thousand dollar grant from the state will help to recruit a much-needed family practice physician. The money is part of a state funded effort to bring new doctors to areas where there are major shortages. The C-E-O of the Crook County Medical service is Doris Brown. She says several health clinics in Crook County were temporarily closed last summer because they did not have enough doctors to stay open. But Brown says the new state grant will help pay for recruiting services, advertising, and moving expenses. And she says it will help make doctor salaries in Crook County more competitive.
"If you look at what the average is from various recruiting companies, I think they do family practice at 170 to 180-thousand dollars. And ours are paid less than that not significantly, but it's still less."
Crook County Medical Services has been looking for a family practice physician for about two years. The office of Rural and Frontier Health awarded five grants worth 400-thousand dollars to bring new doctors to Wyoming.