Crook County Kicks Off Election Season In Wyoming

Feb 8, 2012

Crook County Republicans will be the first in the state to weigh in on the presidential election this weekend when precincts caucus at the courthouse in Sundance.

Crook County Committeeman Bruce Brown says registered Republican voters will meet to talk about platforms and resolutions that will be forwarded to the County and State Conventions in March.

“This is grassroots politics at its best and hopefully we’ll get a turnout depending on weather before everybody gets rolling into calving season up our way, so I look forward to a good turnout,” says Brown. “If we want to have a sane government, this is where it starts. It starts on the local level and it builds as we go up towards the nation, so it’s very important, if you have a chance to participate in your county caucuses, to get out and be heard.”

GOP voters will also get a chance to participate in the non-binding straw-poll to choose whether Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul will be Crook County’s pick for GOP presidential nominee. Burns says it’s the first time Wyoming has ever held a straw-poll, and results from all precincts will be released February 29th.