Cubin Attack Ad Criticized By Trauner

Casper, Wy – Both Congresswoman Barbara Cubin and her
Democratic Party opponent are criticizing an ad by an outside
organization that pokes fun at Cubin's confrontation with
Libertarian challenger Thomas Rankin.
The ad, titled "Slap," began airing Sunday and is scheduled to
run through Wednesday on television stations in Casper and
David Donnelly is director of Campaign Money Watch, part of a
nonpartisan group that is working to change campaign finance laws.
He says the ads target Cubin because she has consistently fought
campaign finance reform.
But the ad also invokes the Cubin-Rankin confrontation. After a
debate last week, Cubin told Rankin anyone else would have
"smacked" him for the way he attacked her. Rankin says Cubin said
she would have "slapped" him if he wasn't in a wheelchair -- an
accusation she denies.
Cubin says the new ad wrongly implies that she did slap Rankin.
And even Democrat Gary Trauner's campaign says they'd like to
see the ad pulled, because they don't support negative campaigning
against any candidate.
Only Rankin says he likes the ad. He called it "wonderful."