Cubin breaks foot in hospital

Casper, WY – Representative Barbara Cubin fell and broke
her foot Saturday while tending to her husband at the Wyoming
Medical Center in Casper.
Cubin spokeswoman Kristin Walker says Cubin was walking when she
fell, spraining her leg and breaking three bones in her left foot
in five different places.
Walker says nothing in particular caused Cubin to stumble -- she
just lost her footing.
Cubin was admitted to the hospital along with her husband, Dr.
Frederick "Fritz" Cubin, who has been undergoing treatment for an
autoimmune disease and blood platelet deficiency.
Dr. Cubin has been in and out of the hospital over the last six
months. His latest admission to the Wyoming Medical Center was last
Walker says Cubin's doctors hadn't decided whether to operate on
or cast the broken foot. Walker says Cubin hopes to return to
Washington next week.