Cubin Lead Over Trauner Shrinks

Cheyenne, Wy – A new poll shows Congresswoman Barbara
Cubin and Democrat Gary Trauner are about even in the race for
Wyoming's lone U-S House seat.
The poll in today's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle shows 44 percent of
likely voters would support Cubin. That's about three-and-a-half
points ahead of Trauner, who polled at just over 40 percent. The
rest were undecided or backed Libertarian Thomas Rankin or other
That slim difference is within the margin of error, which means
the race could be tied.
Still, Cubin says she's been here before. She says this year
isn't that much different from two years ago, when she had a close
race against Ted Ladd.
Cubin pulled away toward the end of that race and beat Ladd by
13 points.
Still, Trauner says the poll shows his campaign is building up
It's still unclear what will come from the spat between Cubin
and Rankin after a televised debate earlier this month. After
arguing during the debate about campaign contributions, Cubin told
Rankin after the debate that anyone else would have smacked him.
The poll appears to show support for Cubin dropping, and support
for Trauner and Rankin building after that. But because the sample
size is smaller, those numbers are NOT as reliable.