Cubin to step down after 7 terms in Washington

Laramie, WY – With a red-white-and-blue cast on her broken left foot, Representative Cubin told members of the state Republican Party that 2008 would be her last in Congress.

"I look forward to being a private citizen, and a good old Wyoming Republican," Cubin says.

"I look forward to watching a new generation of Wyoming Republicans assume the mantel of leadership in our state."

When Cubin first went to Washington in 1994, she was the first woman ever elected to represent Wyoming in a federal office.

But she says her husband's ongoing health problems and campaign fatigue prompted a decision to end her tenure in the House after seven terms.

In her remarks to the state G-O-P, Cubin predicted a Republican landslide in 2008.

Observers say the seat is up for grabs.