Cubin Votes for Cuts Gets Criticism

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming U-S Representative Barbara Cubin sided with her party this week in voting for controversial budget-cutting bills.
House Republicans pushed through legislation that would curb rapidly growing spending such as Medicaid, farm programs, food stamps and student loan subsidies.
Republicans say reining in such programs is the first step to restoring fiscal discipline.
Democrats and environmental groups criticized the bills, saying they would cut rural health care, and allow public lands to be sold off.
A provision in the bill would overturn a decade-old congressional ban that prevents mineral companies from buying public land at cheap prices if the land contains mineral deposits.
Cubin says she voted for the budget-cutting legislation because she's a fiscal conservative who believes that tough choices need to be made in a time of war.
A Cubin spokesman says Cubin will work to rural health care a priority in Congress.
However, Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman Mike Gierau says Cubin's votes showed "disregard for Wyoming families" and were an "affront to hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts across the state."