Cubin Wants Attorney General Gonzales Fired

Washington D-C – Harsh words from Republican Wyoming Representative Barbara Cubin. She thinks President Bush should fire embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He's in the middle of a firestorm after the Bush Administration fired U.S. Attornies. Many of the prosecutors believe they were sacked for disagreements with the White House. Congresswoman Cubin is usually one of Mr. Bush's most ardent supporters. But Tuesday, she bucked her party to become the latest Congressional suggest the President can the Attorney General. "Mr. Gonzales has been asleep at the switch. And maybe we do need someone there who can watch over what's happening in his own agency."
Cubin's remarks come just as the President publicly defended Gonzales.
For years, Gonzales only garnered tepid backing from conservatives. And Cubin says...that could cost him now. "I think the support has been more for the President than for the attorney general."
Congressional Democrats plan investigations into the firings.