Cut to Medicare could have big impact in Wyoming

Laramie, WY – The president of the American Academy of Family Physicians says some Wyoming doctors may not be willing to see new Medicare patients if Congress goes ahead with plans to cut Medicare reimbursements by 21 percent. The issue is scheduled to be debated by Congress on Monday. Academy President Dr. Roland Goertz says that doctors across the country say they would be hard pressed to take on new Medicare patients if the cuts go through, "61.8% of our membership who have ownership equity in their practices, would stop accepting new Medicare patients altogether," Goertz says. "And that 72% of physicians surveyed would actively limit appointment slots for Medicare patients across the board."
In Wyoming, Goertz says many rural doctors would have trouble maintaining their practices if the cuts go through. He says 30 to 40 percent their doctors' patients are on Medicare.