Dead Student May Have Been Beaten

Norman, Oklahoma – Investigators say a University of Oklahoma
student from Wyoming found dead in her campus apartment argued with
her boyfriend before her death and had contusions on her back.
A police affidavit says Sarah Dawn Tolin's boyfriend, Joe
Blackwolf, called 9-1-1 on March seventh and reported that she had
hanged herself.
When officers arrived, they found Tolin on a bedroom floor and a
computer cord tied around the doorknob.
According to the affidavit, Blackwolf told police the couple
returned to their apartment and had been arguing most of the day.
He says he ignored her thrashing around in her bedroom, but went
to check on her after the noise stopped a few minutes later.
Blackwolf told officers he found her with the cord tied around
her neck and to the doorknob. He says he removed the cord from
around her neck and tried to revive her.
An emergency room doctor stated that Tolin had bruising on her
back, legs and arms and numerous contusions that could be a sign of
previous domestic assaults.
Funeral services were held Monday in Casper, where Tolin grew