Deal to sell state land in Grand Teton won't come during Freudenthal's term

Laramie, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal has been working hard to finalize the sale of state land inside Grand Teton National Park to the federal government. But, the deal won't be finished before he leaves office. Last week the governor announced that he and the Department of Interior had crafted a tentative agreement. Freudenthal says the agreement in principle marks a large step forward.
"I'm encouraged, but as always I remain a bit skeptical in that sincerity is subject to proof and I look forward to working through this."
The agreement would net the state about 107 million dollars. The governor hopes to have the written contract in place before he leaves office in January, but the legislature will have to sign off on the deal and lawmakers won't meet again until after Matt Mead takes over as governor.