Deficit And Taxes Republican Debate Topic

Riverton, Wyoming – The four Republicans vying for Wyoming's
lone seat in the U-S House talked about health care, the deficit, how the federal
government can help Wyoming and other issues. Three candidates often crowded one another as they tried to get their views out. Bruce Asay, a Cheyenne attorney, and
Cale Case, a state senator from Lander, traded their thoughts on the deficit and other issues while criticizing Cubin, who defended her voting record.
The moderator twice interrupted to ask Marvin "Trip"Applequist what he thought about the issues being discussed. Case and Applequist both emphasized the federal budget deficit and whether tax cuts are appropriate. Cubin said the tax cuts pushed by the Bush administration will result in more revenue, not less. She said that's because money people save on income taxes ends up being taxed as it circulates
through the economy. Asay says the number one issue that needs to be addressed is health care reform.