Deja Vu: Brimmer Overturns Roadless Rule... Again

Laramie, WY – If you think you've heard this story before, don't worry. You have.

Yesterday's decision by U-S District Judge Clarence Brimmer, to overturn a ban on road construction in nearly 60 million acres of national forest, is the latest installment in a battle that goes back to the final days of the Clinton administration.

President Clinton limited development in parts of national forests where roads didn't already exist. Judge Brimmer says in his latest decision the roadless rule violates federal law. That's about the same thing he said in 2003 in response to Wyoming's lawsuit against the Clinton rule.

The situation changed three years later when a federal district court in California reinstated the roadless rule. That brings us to this latest move by Judge Brimmer again overturning the roadless rule. Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg praised the ruling but environmental groups will likely come out against it.