Delay of Carbon County energy projects make some nervous

Mar 20, 2013

This week Carbon County Commissioners were told that the huge Chokecherry and Sierre Madre wind project will be delayed a year and that construction for the DKRW coal to gas plant will be delayed another year as well. 

County Commissioner Leo Chapman says the wind project needed more time to deal with some sensitive siting issues. Chapman says the one-thousand-turbine Chokecherry and Sierre Madre wind project is necessary for parts of the country that need clean energy.

“They really have to do something and they are willing to pay for it…and since they are willing to pay for it, these energy companies are willing to provide it.  We have it to sell and they are a market that wants to buy and that’s economics, that’s simple as that.

Chapman says that the DKRW delay is more of a concern because that delay is due to a lack of financing.

“I really don’t think DKRW is entirely wrong in delaying their project, they didn’t get their money and probably couldn’t get their money.”

Chapman says the economy and the anti-coal sentiment in the country have delayed the project.  He still thinks the DKRW project will go forward, but he’s heard from residents who are not so sure. Chapman says it’s critical for the future of Hanna and Medicine Bow.