Dem Candidate Pete Gosar wants energy development protections

Laramie, Wy – A Democratic candidate for Governor says protecting the environment is critical as the state continues its energy play. Pete Gosar is a Pinedale native who has seen his home community undergo impacts from increased energy development.
"When I heard that Pinedale had some ozone warnings a few years ago, that shocked me. And it kind of saddened me quite honestly, because I understand that we are going to be in the mineral extraction business for the foreseeable future in Wyoming. But I also think we can do it responsibly. I don't think we are going to be in the situation where we have to make the choice between the environment and an economy."
Gosar is probably best known for his years on the University of Wyoming football team, where he started at linebacker for Paul Roach. But he has also worked as a pilot and a high school social studies teacher. While he lacks political experience, Gosar says he will make up for that with hard work and by meeting a lot of people during the campaign. At the very least, he says, he would like a chance to debate issues important to him.