Democratic candidates may soon announce

Laramie, WY – The chair of the state Democratic Party says at least one and perhaps two strong Democratic candidates will enter the governor's race shortly. With Speaker of the House Colin Simpson launching his campaign this week, four Republicans have already come forward. The Wyoming Democratic Party's Leslie Petersen says that doesn't mean Democratic candidates cannot be strong competitors this year. She says this state has a track record evaluating candidates on their merits, not just by party affiliation.
"It's still a small town with a real long main street. And there's no anonymity among the people who are running. All of them are pretty well-known to a large amount of the voters and people will vote for whoever they think is the best person to run the state, I think, in a responsible centrist fashion. And that's what I think our Democratic candidates will offer."
Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal has announced that he won't seek a third term. Republicans Matt Mead, Rita Meyer, Ron Micheli and Colin Simpson are vying for their party's nomination.