Democrats brace for weekend caucus

Laramie, Wyo. – With high-profile Democrats about to descend on Wyoming, state party leaders are busier than ever.

Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Barack Obama will campaign across the state on Thursday and Friday, before the Democratic caucuses March 8. Meanwhile, party leaders have been juggling media requests and telling a surge of newly-registered voters where to find their caucus sites.

State party chairman John Millin says no one expected this much attention.

"Super Tuesday was a month ago, and at that point, I thought the nominating process would be over," Millin says. "It's still going on and this has created a tremendous amount of work for the staff of the state party, and it's work we really weren't anticipating."

Some Wyoming Democrats in this solidly conservative state say they cannot remember the last time their party was relevant in a presidential election.

Millin says Democrats statewide are energized and ready to vote in record numbers.

"The rule of thumb given to our county party chairs is try to think of the biggest convention you've ever had in your county, multiply by 10, and then still make a contingency plan if even more show up," Millin says.