Democrats Support Aspects Of Nuclear

Riverton, Wy – Democrats vying for the right to challenge Senator John Barrasso in November say they support nuclear power as part of the solution to America's energy needs. Casper Democrat Keith Goodenough points to the accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, and says the fear of nuclear energy is well founded. But he says safe and responsible methods for storing and transporting nuclear waste can be found.
Goodenough: "What we should do is look at other countries that get a good portion of their power from nuclear plants France comes to mind and look at exactly how they were doing this, how are they storing the waste, because I believe we are not always the best and the brightest in every field."
Gillette Democrat Nick Carter says nuclear power should be part of a comprehensive energy policy not a quick fix. He says facilities like the controversial Yucca Mountain in Nevada have been well researched and would be a good option for keep waste away from the public.