Denver Airport Experiencing Some Delays Due to Terror Plot Arrests

Denver, CO – Travelers at Denver International Airport are still being barred from carrying any liquids or gels onto departing planes today following an alleged terror plot thwarted in Britain.
Passengers were experiencing long waits at ticket counters and security checkpoints this morning as airport officials stepped up its security. Travelers are being told to arrive at least three hours before their flight departs.
The airport is reporting a security wait time of ten minutes, but it had been as high as an hour and 15 minutes earlier in the day.
At Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, the U-S Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command are monitoring developments from their headquarters.
Governor Bill Owens' spokesman says there's no specific threats to Colorado and the National Guard had NOT been activated.
D-I-A spokesman Chuck Cannon says a British Airways plane coming to Denver is due this evening. An outbound flight to London is scheduled from here, but he says it's unclear if it has been canceled or delayed.