Department of Health: Get Tested for HIV

Laramie, Wy – Tuesday has been designated as National H-I-V Testing Day, and the Wyoming Department of Health is encouraging Wyoming residents to get tested for H-I-V.
The tests in Wyoming for the virus that causes AIDS is free and available on an anonymous or confidential basis at all public-funded sites. Wyoming residents who test positive for H-I-V can be immediately referred for medical treatment and other essential services.
Wyoming had three cases this past year involving people who died or showed up at a doctor's office with AIDS and never knew they were H-I-V positive.
According to the Department of Health, more than 194 persons have been diagnosed and are living with H-I-V in Wyoming. In the past year, more than ten new H-I-V/AIDS cases have been identified. Each new case was related to drug use and/or sexual behaviors that put someone at risk.