DEQ Backs Away From Weights

Rock Springs, Wy – The state Department of Environmental
Quality has decided not to resume a project using 25-ton weights to
collapse old mine shafts in an area of downtown Rock Springs.
State Environmental Quality Director John Corra says the project
was causing too much damage to surrounding homes.
He says there was a mistake made when the age, type and
condition of the nearby houses were not properly taken into account
before the dynamic compaction project began.
The project was undertaken to make the land suitable for
construction of affordable housing. It involved hoisting weights
with a crane and then dropping them to the ground, collapsing the
old underground mines.
The project was halted after about a month when nearby residents
complained that the pounding was causing cracks in their homes.
Corra says the state would provide insurance at no cost to fix
any damage done by the project to houses.