DEQ ok with emission change

Pinedale, Wy – EnCana Oil and Gas is shifting the balance of emissions at Jonah Field, its large natural gas field in Sublette County. The state Department of Environmental Quality approved the change. Department Air Quality Resource Program Manager Lori Bocchino says the intent is to reduce ground-level ozone in that area. EnCana will increase nitrogen oxide emissions and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds, or V-O-Cs.
"VOC emissions are really critical to the ozone formation out there and they are going to need to be reduced. That's something that we're going to continue to look into and understand better as we prepare our ozone non-attainment plan for EPA over the next couple of years."
The Pinedale area has registered dangerous ozone levels in several recent winters, and study of the precise causes is ongoing. D-E-Q officials are holding a public meeting in Pinedale Thursday evening to discuss the issue.