Despite vote Sublette County group forges ahead

Laramie, Wy – The group that petitioned for tougher air quality standards in Sublette County says it's going to press on. That's after the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council voted this week against the group's proposal to tighten the allowable limit of ground level ozone. That gas can cause health problems, and Sublette County has seen levels above the current standard several times in recent years.
The chair of Citizens United for Responsible Energy Development, Mary Lynn Worl, says there is a chance the E-P-A will tighten standards on its own.
"It is something that could happen. I think it is going to be a lengthy process and even if they change the standard or make it more stringent, then you've got a lag time before it is implemented. One of things about our petition is that we were hoping to get ahead of the game."
Members of the E-Q-C say part of the reason they opposed the group's petition is that the federal government is already reviewing standards for ozone.