DFS Investigates Neglect

Casper, Wy – The Wyoming Department of Family Services
says it's investigating possible neglect at a juvenile detention
facility in Casper.
The department says it's looking into a claim that a staff
member knew about but didn't report a boy-on-boy assault. In
another case, a staff member allegedly saw but didn't report a
group of boys who were gathered around two naked boys and who
scattered when staff showed up.
Department spokeswoman Juliette Rule says the department
believes the cases reflect inadequate staffing and staff training
at the Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
The privately run facility is the same building as the Natrona
County Sheriff's Office and has been run by Cheyenne-based Frontier
Correctional Systems, Inc.
FCS Chief Executive Officer John Harrison did not return phone
Operation of the facility is being transferred to a Colorado
company, but Rule says the allegations predate the start of that