Do You Want a Tax on Groceries?

Laramie, Wy – People around the state can start signing a petition to remove the sales tax on groceries. Democratic State Representative Ann Robinson is organizing the effort and she says it is an important way to help families, especially families on a fixed income. Robinson estimates it would save families of four 240 dollars a year. She says she knows the Governor does not necessarily support this idea and has mentioned he would prefer to spend the money on health insurance for families. Robinson says she's not sure 20 dollars a month could buy much insurance for a family of four. She says that much can help provide enough food to feed a family for a month though. She estimates the sales tax on groceries brings in 33 million dollars a year, which is about five percent of the total revenue from sales tax. Robinson says they need 75 thousand signatures by next February to get the proposal on the ballot.