Doctor: Cold weather doesn't mean end to outdoor exercise

Laramie, WY – Outdoor enthusiasts need to use a little extra caution during a cold snap like the state is experiencing. Doctor Ammar Hussieno is a pulmonologist. He says cold temperatures can exacerbate conditions like asthma or C-O-P-D and can increase the chance of heart attacks. Hussieno says generally he advises people to exercise inside when temperatures go below freezing, but if you go out, be prepared, "I want to encourage people to exercise but I just want them to be cautious with the extreme cold and be prepared. Wear an adequate layer of clothing and if you have a heart or lung condition take it easy."
Hussieno says healthy people likely will not do any damage to their lungs in very cold temperatures, but they may experience more muscle cramps so stretching a lot will help.