Doctors Can Now Say Sorry

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming Legislature has given final
approval to a measure allowing physicians to apologize to patients
without those statements being held against them in court.
Supporters say a simple "I'm sorry" can reduce the chances of
a lawsuit being filed for a medical mistake.
The measure sailed through both the House and Senate.
Another bill that received final approval and was sent to
Governor Freudenthal is one authorizing a number of studies by the
Wyoming Healthcare Commission.
The reviews would include a look at self-insurance pools,
whether a need exists for a medical-error reporting system, and how
much of a doctor shortage exists in Wyoming, if any.
Lawmakers also sent the governor a bill authorizing
13-million dollars in state-backed, low-interest loans to
doctors to help them obtain malpractice insurance.
The Legislature's special session ends Saturday.