Documents Detail Congressional Delegation's Finances

Laramie, Wy – Members of Wyoming's congressional delegation have released documents detailing their personal finances for 2005.
They show a taste for sophisticated investments ranging from municipal bonds and land through individual stocks.
All three members of Wyoming's delegation, senators Craig Thomas and Mike Enzi as well as Representative Barbara Cubin, are Republicans. All three make a base congressional salary of just over 162-thousand dollars a year.
Thomas' 2005 report says he and his wife hold stocks and other investments work between 904-thousand dollars and 2-point-2 million dollars.
Enzi's 2005 report states that his publicly traded investments are worth between 181-thousand and 640-thousand dollars.
Cubin reports investments worth between 289-thousand and 836-thousand dollars. She also reports owning land worth between 150-thousand and 350-thousand dollars.