Dog Poisonings Still Baffle

Jackson, Wy – Investigators are still scratching their heads over the poisoning of 26 dogs in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho
since March.
The latest was a dog that died last Thursday after it apparently
ate poison at Bridge Bay Campground in Yellowstone National Park.
That's the first time a dog has been poisoned in Yellowstone
National Park.
It brings to eight the number of dogs that have been killed by
poison-laced meat left at campgrounds, roadsides and picnic areas.
Another 18 dogs have gotten sick but have recovered.
The leading theory is the culprit is an extremist who opposes
the reintroduction of wolves to the region and is trying to kill
them off.
But the discovery of two poisoned hot dogs and a poisoned steak
in Jackson this spring has given rise to another hypothesis - that
someone is upset by unleashed dogs in and around the town.
A 20-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information
leading to an arrest and conviction.