DOH suggests New Years resolutions

Laramie, WY – A deputy director of the Wyoming Department of Health says one of the most important New Years resolutions Wyomingites can make this year is to quit smoking. Rodger McDaniel says this is a time of year when people think about improving their health. And that includes smokers: "About 22 percent of Wyomingites still smoke, and a good number of them say they would like to quit."

To stick to this resolution, McDaniel suggests crafting a plan for how to quit. He says smokers should also think about why they're quitting and incorporate that motivation into their plan. McDaniel also strongly suggests using the state's quit-line, which provides free counseling and financial assistance with nicotine replacements or prescriptions. The number is 1-800-Quit-Now.

McDaniel also suggests this New Years resolution: Wear your seat belt. He says he continues to be surprised at how many Wyomingites don't buckle up: "The evidence is that one of the biggest safety hazards and one of the things that we fail to do that results in more injuries and deaths is the failure to wear a seatbelt."

McDaniel says in some cases, not wearing a seat belt is more of a hazard on the road than drinking.