Drilling in Wyoming stays flat while activity increases nationally

Laramie, WY – Drilling for oil and gas has picked up significantly over the last year, but that's not true in this state. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay has more

The company Baker Hughes tracks how many rigs are actively drilling. Nationally the number has gone up by almost five hundred over the last year. During that period in Wyoming the number of rigs only went up by two. Baker Hughes spokesman Gary Flaharty says most of the development is centered on formations called shales. He says he's not aware of any shale formations in Wyoming. That means it's just more cost effective to drill elsewhere.
"At today's prices whether it is oil or gas there are more economic choices to be made elsewhere in the country. In particular these shale plays even at a relatively low price of gas do make some sense to drill."
While drilling in Wyoming has stayed flat over the last year, several neighboring states now have more rigs operating. North Dakota has seen the biggest jump from 35 rigs to 100. Flaharty (FLAY harty) says the drilling there is for oil in a shale formation.